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Fall Conference
October 14th and 15th, 2017
Maple Grove, MN – Cambria Suites

Ethics of Client Communication, Make Research Relevant to Me and Introduction to Pharmacology

Ruth Werner is a retired massage therapist, a writer, and educator with a passionate interest in the role of massage for people who are not in perfect health-and isn’t that the majority of our clients?  She has been involved in the massage field since 1984. She is a member of the AMTA, and is Board Certified, as well as, an NCBTMB-approved provider of continuing education. She was honored by the AMTA Council of Schools, the Jerome Perlinski, Teacher of the Year, Award in 2005. It was her privilege to serve as the President, of the Massage Therapy Foundation, from 2010-2014.  In 1998 Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, published the first edition of her book, A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, which is now in use in massage schools all over the world. The fifth edition published in 2012, and producing outstanding pathology resources for massage therapists has become the focus of her life’s work.  She has taught core curriculum in massage schools for many years and has been a presenter at many state and national conventions, as well as, a featured lecturer in the AMTA’s Speaker’s Tour. She also, is a columnist for Massage and Bodywork magazine.
Saturday, October 14th 9:00 PM – 12:00 PM
This class addresses the delicate art of communicating professionally and with open hearts when we have concerns about our clients’ well being. Key topics include medications that may influence bodywork choices; visual or palpatory signs that are red flags; and maintaining boundaries for client safety (how to say “no” when your client says “yes”).
Basic principles of active listening are reviewed and employed as students break into small groups to role-play a variety of difficult client-therapist conversations, all based on real-life situations provided by past participants.
Saturday, October 14th  1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Research about massage therapy is not the abstract exercise that you might think! The best research being conducted today uses professional therapists doing work in real-life settings so that results reflect what truly happens in a successful massage session or series. This produces results that can make you a better and more successful therapist, but only if you know how to access the right studies.
This class will barely scratch the surface of what research can mean to you, but it will cover some current massage therapy research findings and events; some basic information on how to find the research you want, and apply it to your practice; and finally we will discuss what you can do in the research world: writing case reports that can benefit all your colleagues.
Sunday, October 15th 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM
It is safe to suggest that all massage therapists have clients who use medication on a regular basis. It is also safe to say that many massage therapists have little information on how those medications work, and how massage might affect their function. This introductory pharmacology class addresses basic principles of drug mechanisms, possible side effects and adverse reactions, and how massage can be adjusted to meet those concerns. Special focus is given to analgesics, anti-inflammatories, cardiovascular disease medication, and diabetes management drugs.
Choose from one or all three of the classes.  Lunch will be included in weekend and full day tickets.



Massage Mingle with the AMTA

We typically have a series of “Massage Mingle” events through out the Twin Cities each month to simply have a social hour with colleagues. Come and socialize about anything from massage and your practice, to government relations efforts or any other issue you would like to discuss.

Each month will be in a different location around the Twin Cities. If you are interested in hosting one in your area or having one hosted in your area please contact the AMTA – MN Board at for more information.