Support our global ambassador for the Liddle Kidz Foundation, Miranda Lund!!!


Congratulations, to one of our own Minnesota Chapter members, Miranda Lund on being chosen as an ambassador to go on an outreach trip to India with The Liddle Kidz Foundation. This is a huge honor, as over 3,500 massage therapists applied for the 30 volunteer spots on the team, and we couldn’t be more excited for her!!

A little bit about the trip: The team, made up of massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, child life specialists and other professionals, will be in India for three weeks, starting in December 2017. They will be working in numerous areas of the country, at hospitals, orphanages, and care centers, providing pediatric massage and therapeutic touch to the kiddos there. They will also be training the kids’ caregivers and healthcare staff in massage/touch techniques so that the therapy can continue long after we return home.

The effects of this program are amazing. As you know, TOUCH is amazing! Volunteers from the Liddle Kidz trip to Vietnam in 2012 learned this, when, the director of one of the charity centers they visited told them of a big change that happened once the caregivers there had incorporated the techniques they had learned: The rate of hospitalizations of the kids from the center had dropped from approximately 40 per year to just 2-3 per year! Incredible, right?

To find out more about the program, you can visit The Liddle Kidz Foundation website or Facebook page. :

Watch a video about the Foundation Global Outreach work –

If you feel inspired to help support Miranda on this amazing opportunity to bring massage therapy to a population in dire need of healthy touch. Click the link below to support one of our AMTA family members.

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