Minnesota takes on Milwaukee!

The AMTA National Convention was hosted by AMTA-WI this year over Halloween weekend in Milwaukee, WI.

Going to convention is always exciting, but seeing as it was so close to us this year, it made it a must-do on many Minnesota AMTA members list!

MN chapter helped members hook up with other members for ride and room shares and even hosted a Midwest Mingle with AMTA- IA at the Doubletree Hotel. It was great to share some snacks and stories with fellow members and neighboring chapters. We had members of the AMTA-IL chapter join us as well!


One of the great things about this year was all the Minnesota First timers that made it to convention.  I took a couple of First Timers under my wing and explained the ‘pin sharing’, how to use the convention app, and where to find the exhibit hall. We all sat as a group at the opening ceremonies and laughed and cried while Robin Roberts gave her heartfelt speech about how massage therapy changed her life while battling cancer.

AMTA-MN chapter member, Kate Walters said she expected to connect with her peers, make new friends a take classes that would update her on current information and trends. This was her first convention, and she believes she would attend another one because she believes her expectations were met this year!



Member Laurel Iverson had this to say about her convention experience:

What an enthusiastic, vibrant experience representing Minnesota AMTA. Being amongst hundreds of other therapists and body workers, what a positive jolt of energy.

Get there a day before opening session! They give you class schedules, what where and when and with who. We received a nice bag (yes they all look alike) water bottle, and a Thera Cane. Don’t forget to download the App!

Pins, who wants our MN trading pins? This is a great place to trade your state pins and get acquainted with other delegates and chapter members.

Next day it was the opening session. We were welcomed by the national president. We received the association update, and the Massage Therapy Foundation update. Next keynote speaker Robin Roberts. She was very uplifting and invigorating. Then many award presentations to be given out. Congratulations Deanna Benson.

In a large convention hall there were sponsors and vendors giving away different samples of gels, lotions and creams. It was a great way to preview or purchase computer software, books, oils and DVDs. Even chances to win massage tables, chairs, and even a full scholarship to the next AMTA 2017 convention in Pasadena.

There were a variety of educational classes to choose from. It comes to show there is so much more to learn in our profession, not just for us but our clients as well.

I feel it is an honor to represent our AMTA Chapter, and I am looking forward to the Minnesota State Convention next fall. I encourage all our members to get involved. It will be an experience they won’t regret.

Luv & Light
Laurel Iverson

I know I enjoy meeting up with my MT friends from across the country every time I go to the Convention! Next years convention is in Pasadena, CA and 2018 is in Washington DC. If going to National Convention is on your radar, I definitely recommend planning on attending at least one, but the more you go the more friends you meet!


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